Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration to Design: Chrome Diopside Necklace

"Because jewelry is an art form, I’m influenced by the feelings I have when I choose stones, metals and other materials. In seeing color, shape and texture I experience a visceral response, and this begins the process of imagining. Stones and metals, like the jewelry they will become, have the power to create moods and provoke responses, or even engender opinions. Time and experience have taught me that the materials I choose attach to my memory, and in time, the intuitive design process begins."

The above has been taken from the Artist Statement page on my web site. Most of us who create jewelry have a keen eye for color and beauty in nature. When I'm surrounded by green things growing, I drift into a place inside me where I am calm, relaxed yet richly alive. 

When I choose gemstones and metals to work with, I find myself in that place. It's color and texture that resonant with the intense pleasure of imaging what can be made - the possibility to create something beautiful and the desire to do it.

This chrome diopside necklace in 18k yellow gold, was inspired by many trips into quiet  woods, sketching or reading under summer's lush trees while the sun created glorious patterns of light and shadow all around me. My eyes were like tiny sponges soaking in as much as I could of the forest's beauty.

The play of light and sparkle in these chrome diopside gemstones and 18k gold spacers were all I needed to create a radiant yet reserved necklace that would carry the eye and catch each stone reflect its unique beauty.

This is the kind of pleasure I have when I create jewelry. It never ceases to amaze me.

Congratulaions, Lisa!

I'm happy to say that Lisa wanted the necklace and received it! Thanks for responding, Lisa, and enjoy! From time to time I'll do other give aways, so stay tuned and have a good week!