Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elegant Pendant Necklaces

I recently made the following two necklaces and I really love them. Could you see yourself wearing one or both of them? Where do you think you'd wear them? Which do you like best? I'm curious, so let know!

This singular necklace measures 39" in length. The 14k gold rolo chain necklace is adorned with two huge multicolor nucleated Baroque freshwater pearls, each cradled with 24k gold vermeil Bail beads. 

Dropping from the chain are one 24mm green amethyst gemstone, hand wrapped with 14k gold filled wire. The gemstone serves as the focal bead for two charming two-sided 24k gold vermeil charms which dangle from rolo chains and accompany the gemstone. 

Simply stunning, this lengthy and elegant necklace closes with a flowered 24k gold vermeil Bali toggle.



There are times when waiting is the best thing to do. Such is the case with this very special Venetian glass pendant. I have had the pendant for over a year and couldn't decide until recently how I wanted to use it.

The pendant is quite lovely with its 24k exposed yellow gold set against soft blue-grey transparent glass. Interior pale grayish patches of glass outlined in sparkling 24k gold play against the blue-gray of the pendant in interesting juxtaposition. The pendant measures 2 inches in length and 1 1/4" across its widest point and is so beautiful it can be worn easily on either side. Both sides of the pendant are shown in the various photos.

I decided to use rondelle faceted sparkling moonstone gemstones because they compliment the colors of the pendant so well. They are hand wrapped with 14k gold filled wire and cupped by 14k gold filled antique spacers for several inches along the length of the piece. A 14k gold filled rolo chain and an accompanying chain of tiny hand wrapped moonstones continue the necklace until it closes with a scrolled rectangular 24k vermeil toggle. 

The piece measures 40" in length, including the pendant and several tendrils of hand wrapped tiny moonstones dangling from the bottom of the piece. The necklace can be doubled around the neck for a shorter version or worn long.

The following necklace will be donated to the USM School of Music in December 2012 for their Gala fundraiser for scholarships.

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