Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Pleasurable Madness

That's what it is, this jewelry making. It's a pleasurable madness, a lovely addiction to color, sparkle, texture and design. 

It was my aunt whose jewelry first caught my eye when I was a child. She was a beautiful and buxom woman who dressed every day in gorgeous colors and clothes made of luscious fabrics and textures. Her makeup was subtle, her hair swept up with strands trailing around her face and neck. I loved the scent of her perfume and of course, I loved her jewelry. 

If the truth be known, my aunt fascinated me more than anyone I knew as a child. She was larger than life in my eyes. A woman who made spur of the moment decisions that often surprised and delighted me. Living with her every summer was a new adventure. But it was the jewelry and how she wore it that tickled me most. Costume jewelry, bright baubles and sparkling stones with birds in flight, and trees that glittered with emerald green and gold leaves with earrings to match, no less! Pearls than hung in strands and moved as she did. Pins that seemed bigger than my hand and sparkled as if the sun shone on them alone. It was a simple and pure delight to be with her. Her jewelry, her elegance, her wit and her hats - she wore hats long after they were out of fashion - were her external trademark. But I knew well the eccentric and hilarious dimensions of her personality as well. 

My aunt is gone now. She lived 97 years and for almost every one of those days, she dressed elegantly, perfumed herself subtly and bejeweled herself in a way that I have never forgotten. I am quite sure that if she were living today, she would tell me exactly what to make for her - and it would be spectacular. 

My blog is dedicated to her and to all of us who love jewelry! This picture, one I prize, since she rarely allowed her picture to be taken, was taken with her husband, standing, and an old friend. The antique locket she is wearing is now one of my treasured possessions.

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