Friday, July 6, 2012

My Studio

For years I've made jewelry at the kitchen counter. It has been a terrible place to do the work I love doing, but it was a necessity. Being in a power wheelchair, and having a handicapped accessible apartment, I've had to used the kitchen counter because its open leg well allows my wheelchair to fit.

Recently all of that has changed. I've converted my bedroom into my studio and it makes me happy. Surrounding myself with the things I use to create my designs, as well as the art, statues, sculptures and carvings makes me feel at home and comfortable. There's no need to rush, I can savor working slowly. An open window brings the sound of birds and bees and the fragrance of warm air, cut grass and the welcome sound of neighing horses from the horse farm next door. Working in front of windows blesses me with natural light, which I love. Making jewelry is a daylight endeavor.

In the living room I like to read at night or watch television, but I'm not a big fan. I sleep in a wonderful lift recliner and get a better sleep than I did in my bed. Too bad I didn't make the change sooner, but I enjoy it now and that's what matters.

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