Friday, July 6, 2012

Works in Progress

No small news that this blog is a work in progress. I just can't seem to blog on a daily basis. I can't even tell you that I wish I could,  because that would be a lie. Blogging isn't a top priority in my life, even when it's about my own jewelry.

But since this blog is about my jewelry, and I adore making it, here's a collage with some of my works in progress.

Top Left:
A 12 x 16.5mm natural South Sea Pearl dressed in 24k gold vermeil waiting for delicate sapphire gemstones...

Large Middle:
Small sparkling faceted emerald briolettes will perhaps become a necklace or a bracelet....hmmmm...

Bottom Left:
Almost too small to see, this beautiful triangular fused dichroic glass pendant in pink, lilac and silver, along with a slew of brilliant amethyst chips and faceted rondelles - and hand hammered sterling silver drops - will make a stunning pendant necklace.

Middle Right:
A huge labradorite pendant, along with several sterling silver edged labradorite stones and several coin shaped labradorite pieces will make a fabulous piece for a woman who loves this gemstone.

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